Poland Greece betting tip

Poland Greece betting tip

One of the emerging host Euro 2012 Team Poland, taking the national team of Greece in a game that will launch the 14th European Cup. The two teams will face each other on the pitch at the National Stadium in Warsaw on Friday (6/8/2012)

Poland is one of the hosts of this major European tournament, which in turn is an important prerequisite for them to try to achieve something significant in this European Championship. The hosts will enjoy exceptional support from the crowd of his supporters, but at the same time will have to deal with high expectations that will inevitably have to them. However, the Polish national team has excellent players who are capable of surprise served beginning tournament. Most of them play in the league, as the German Bundesliga and particular attention must turn to the stars of the German champions Borussia Dortmund – Lukas Pishchek defender, midfielder and striker Jacob Blashchikovski Robert Lewandowski. It was top scorer of the team from Dortmund is expected to lead his teammates team to victory in this first match. Unfortunately for coach Frantisek Zhmuda Poland, England Arsenal goalkeeper Lukasz Fabianski has received a shoulder injury and could not attend the upcoming Euro 2012. Watchman of “Arsenal” was injured during training camp of the Polish national team in Austria. So in its place among the elect of the breeder of Poland ended the Polish goalkeeper Grzegorz Yagieloniya Sandomierski.

Greece is presented in an impressive way in their qualification group for the upcoming Euro 2012, where he finished in first place in the final standings to teams of Croatia. So for the third time in its history, the national team of Greece will participate in the finals of a big tournament, such as the European Football Championship. Although most experts team underestimated the Greeks, we should not forget what made them years ago, the race in Portugal. And absolutely no one would put in their accounts team of our southern neighbor, but here they were able to compete for the trophy, only in its second part of this championship. Now, however, Greece’s national team will be without coach Otto Rehhagel, which achieved its greatest success in history, but nevertheless have the strength to wrong accounts in the group, get involved in the distribution of one of the first two places . However, we should pay attention to the fact that since the euro became champions in 2004, since then the Greeks have few major successes of football forums. The team was eliminated in the group stages of Euro 2008 and World Cup in South Africa two years later.

This preliminary Group A is the most equivalent group of all. Each from Poland, Russia, Czech Republic and Greece have a real chance of ranking in the next stage of the tournament, in the absence of a prominent leader in the group, such as Spain or Germany. In case the household will be a factor in favor of Poland, but this in turn requires hosts to open and play offensive football, something that is definitely a taste of their upcoming rival Greece who practice very defensive style of play. Generally such big tournament first match in most cases end in a tie with very few goals scored and tensions, which will host hanging over the mandatory victory, Poland and Greece expect to share one point in the opening match.

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