Few Betting Strategies

Many of you knows that it is very important to choose correctly your betting strategy. Without a proper plan of your betting, there is a big chance to loose your betting bank which could bring addtional problems. So I decide to share few and very famous strategies which could help you to grow your betting bank and became winner.

Percentage bet – any bet is a fixed percentage of your current bank
Example: start with 100 euro bank and determine their rate 2. This means that every time you bet 2% of current bank. The first bet is € 2 for the example, then depending on whether you win or lose as a bet amount varies but is always 2% of this amount of money. In this strategy, the failure is the most remote and theoretically it can not be achieved – can not be zero, can only be arbitrarily close to it a lot. This is a good strategy, one of the most commonly used by professional punters.

Fixed bet – betting the same amount every time
Example: start at 100 Euro and every time a € 2 bet. This means that 50 unsuccessful bets will fail, but an average factor of 2.00 you need less than 50% success rate to make a profit. Also much used strategy, leading to good results in appropriate average odds ratio / performance.

System: 1 – 3 – 2-6

This system is based on the premise that you can recognize four consecutive events (football). Your first bet is 1 unit, the second – 3 units, the third – and fourth edintsi 2 – 6 units.

Example: Assume that we have in stock 20 eur. Search occurs by a factor of 2.00 (or more than 1 meeting with a common factor of 2.00). Our first bet is 10 euro. Once they win, they add to our existing 20 EUR and a second bet of 30 EUR. Once you win again, we already have in stock 60 eur (initial 20 + earned 10 first bet won + 30 second bet). The third is our pledge of 20 eur, so I go home the other 40 euro. After winning his third bet to earn its initial 40 € add us 20 EUR to make the fourth bet of 60 EUR. If our fourth bet wins, it expecting that we make 120 EUR, which is our net profit. This ends our system and everything эapochva from the beginning with the first bet of 10 €. Also, every time you lose, no matter what level, starting everything from scratch with a stake of 10 EUR.

If you lose the first bet, your loss is 10 euro. If you fail the second bet, your loss will be 20 euro (since you have 10 euro profit in the first bet). If you do not know the third bet, you will have a net profit of EUR 20 (because you’ve gone for 40 euro). If you lose the fourth bet you will not nor profit nor loss.

The charm of this system is that you risk 20 EUR Beverly Hills the opportunity to earn 120 EUR net profit. This means that you can lose 6 times the worst level (second bet) and only one win (four consecutive events known) to return the money back.

Principle of the system is as follows: Each time you lose – double bet until you win or get to the highest bet. Then back to the lowest bid.

Martingale: 1-2-4-8-16-32.

This system seems perfect, but if you have unlimited possibilities and remain calm, even in a series of failed predictions. Remember that when you factor of 2.00 should be increased 32 times their original bet, if you lose five consecutive times. And so to lose consecutive times it is not difficult to factor of 2.00

And even when you lose 5 times in succession, your chances of winning the sixth time it becomes larger. Many people err, that will win soon after having lost so times in a row. But the fact that the odds of winning are just as great as were the first and each subsequent bet sequence.

The last two strategies are of the “progressive strategies” that lead to a permanent increase stake in loss to profit
The most popular of these systems is the Martingale – lost bet, the next is twice the previous etc, to win. These are the worst ways to manage your money, necessarily leading to bankruptcy in the long run purely statistical reasons (you can go in any long sequence of bets lost – a mathematical fact). Remember that to determine whether a strategy works, we need a lot of time and number of bets. Psychological element is terribly important, especially when you find yourself in a losing series. A professional player knows that at the end of the period (eg after 100 bets) will have 55% success and setbacks, even if they are few in a row, will not change his strategy. Quitter will be angry and worried more and more with each lost a bet and this can lead to a change of strategy in a moment as to increase the next bet. In most cases this leads to bankruptcy.
In other words martingale system is very dangerous and should be used of players with large financial resources and strong nerves.


Single or  “singles” are among the most popular on the web. Chance to win for them is greatest because of the possible 3 characters choose one, ie mathematical average chance of success is 33.33%. For example, if we bet 100 euros to the final output coefficient 3.50 and know, you will receive 100 x 3.50 = € 350, ie bet + net profit of EUR 250. If mathematical logic is respected in the long run, you will always have a profit at the average coefficients over 3.00