Betting Tips

As I promised in my previous article regarding the betting strategies, here are 2 more strategies which could help you in order to grow your banroll.


Systems like Martingale and charge order using high levels of progression that remove limits zaigrachite. When these systems are increasing bets progressive losses and thus the players there is a huge risk of bankruptcy.
Kelly progression grows, while earning and reduced when you are loosing. The size of the bet is determined by the percentage of the betting bank. In the Kelly Criteria risk of bankruptcy is practically decreased to monimum. However, this system requires the player to prevail against bookmaker. When you bet using Kelly expecting to be equally or better than the bookmaker. If the home team is with 2:00 in a match, you bet if you think there is a 50% chance to win.
Or Kelly received its name from John L. Kelly, an American who discovered the theory and formula. Brief theory of Kelley says that if you can determine with great accuracy the approximate outcome of matches, then by formula can determine the exact amount of your fund means that you should set the appropriate match. The formula looks like this:

A = P – (1 – P) / (koef. – 1)
And – this is the percentage of funds separate from you, you can bet on matches (column).
P – is likely to receive such an outcome.

If you have discovered an object by a factor of 2.00 and think it likely to win the match is 55% of the Kelly formula you can easily calculate how much to bet. P in this formula in this example is equal to 0.55 and the result of calculation shows A = 0.1.
This percentage means that the subject is worth 10% of your total funds. Nothing more, nothing less. If you are too optimistic in their expectations (for example, believe that the subject is worth 60% instead of 55%, which are “calculated” in advance and much better), then you will lose your money.
This is due to the fact that the Kelly formula detects and optimizes your bet if you know its accuracy to predict. If you are too optimistic in their forecasts, you will lose money. If you are too pessimistic, you will win money, but less than if you are dealing with a free bet (but small profit is still profit).

Size of the betting bank
For starters you need a pool of money for a game that exceeds 10-15 times the normal amount of money you bet on a single sample. Of course, this should be money you can afford to lose. Remember that the Kelly Criteria, you can not lose all your money at once, because the stakes are always determined by the current state of your balance.
To choose the games correctly and often enough is the hardest part of this system. Only by gaining experience you can become a better player. The bookmakers do not offer enough “good bets” and it is therefore necessary to find them yourself. Do not expect to find more than 2 to 5 games during the week. When you find such a game, analyze it carefully from all sides.

How long should you play in this system? If you set a goal must put an end as soon as you reach it and start over. This is the only way to see how you won and it will raise your morale and discipline. If you set up a target, put an end to project the moment you reach 100% pure profit. Remember that while your money is the bookmaker’s account, he, not you have them. And what’s the point of earning money that you can not use?

Let us now examine the system closely:
The biggest advantage of Kelly is that you lose less money when you have less money in the account. This is due to the fact that each pledge a percentage of current balance when it is low, the bet is also low. If the average stake is 10% of your balance and lose six times in a row, you will still have 48% of the initial amount. I will not bore you with statistics, but if you predict well (bet 10% advantage over the bookmaker), the chance to lose 10 times in a row is 1/3000!
Kelly is a system that can quickly change your balance. With Kelly you make a small range around 5% every match. If you present yourself well, Kelly helps you increase your bet and winnings. If you lose – they decrease. Because it is unlikely you happen to suffer serious changes in the balance. Kelly is a system for players who do not gamble only money but also for the pleasure of good prognosis.

Fibonacci system

Model: 1-2-3-5-8-13-21-34.
If you lose – go to the next step if you win – back 2 steps. Please note that any profit returns two previous losses.

A. Bet 1 GBP, while lose. Losing – bet 2 GBP.
2. If you make 2 GBP – go back to step 1. If you lose – bet 3 GBP.
3. If you win on 3 GBP – go back to step 1. If you lose – bet 5 GBP.
4. If you win 5 GBP – back to step 2. If you lose – bet 8 GBP.
5. If you earn 8 BGP – go to Step 3. If you loose – bet 13 GBP.
6. If you win 13 GBP – go to Step 4. If you loose – bet 21 GBP.
7. If you win 21 GBP – go back to step 5. If you loose – bet 34 GBP.
8. If you win 34 GBP – go to Step 6. If you lose – go back to step 1.

Another version of the Fibonacci system: instead of 2 steps back in any profits go back only one step, until you win two times in succession – only then go back two steps.

Like any system in the long run, Fibonacci will bring great benefits and excitement. The main Fibonacci system, however neэadovolitelna in the short term – is often lost and never won much. Fibonacci is not recommended for careful players.

Strategies of betting on correct scores

Presdiction of correct scores is quite difficult. If you catch 2 of 10 predicted correct scores is an achievement and will probably have a profit. The most common results are 1:1 and 2:1. Because of this the odds that bookmakers make their correct scores are among the lowest. You need to look results which is not usual.

Here are some strategies of correct scores:

A. Singles – Bet 1 GBP each of the rounds of matches in the league (eg Premier). Deppends on the ratios of selected correct scores you can get profit with guessing only 1-2 matches.

meeting -prediction -final score
1 lose 1-1
2 lose 2-1
3 lose 2-1
4 lose 3-1
5 lost 1:2
6 1:2 wins
7 lose 1-1
8 lose 1-0
9 1:2 wins
10 lose 1-1

Total bet: 10 GBP
Profit: 24 GBP
Net profit of 2 winning correct scores: 14 GBP

2. Double – bet little money on two selected correct scores. For example, two similar choose: Man Utd. – Arsenal 2-1 at odds of 8.00 and Manchester City – Charlton 2-1 at odds of 8.00. If bet 0.50 GBP wins them and your profit is 32 GBP!

Hope you guys like that article and find it useful. Please share it with your friends and help us growing the audience. Also do not forget that the more bookmakers you are with, the bigger odds you could find which is = bigger wins